It all started...

Just before you go to the next page I just want to let you know as you read my blog/story... that I am doing this as a means of handling the biggest fight of my life so far.  It is also a journey I have been taking and not through choice either.  I know there are many stories and blogs out there... written by many other 'faceless' fighters of this disease... but I hope that with mine you will find not just the sadness, or the frustration, fear and anger, but also the laughter, the humour, the reality, the love and the hope that helps me in winning my fight yet again with this terrible silent killer for a third time.

So please... join me in my daily blog/story... for this is how my journey has beeen for me... and my family and friends... thank you :)...and don't forget to click on each title at the top of the page as you go along. At the far right 'Click' on MORE and it will highlight more pages including visitor's page :)

P.S I have now added a visitor page where I want you to feel free to sign and write your own comments if any.. if it helps you or someone else you might know taking the same journey as myself and thousands of others out there.

Thank you...Michelle